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Close-up picture of a flower

Showing off the high resolution of the Canon EOS350D digital camera

blue flowerblue flowerHere is an example of the image capture abilities of the Canon EOS 350D (Digital Rebel / Kiss n Digital). This is a big picture of a small blue flower. The blossom is about 1in / 2-3 cm high, and the image was captured by just moving the camera quite close and letting the automatic focus adjust the lens for optimal sharpness.

As I'd like to show you how good the camera is without putting huge images online to download, the image (left) is a zoomed-out overview of the shot. The actual resolution is 3,456 x 2,304 (8 megapixels). I reckon this is about twice as wide and twice as high as this 19 inch monitor in the highest resolution. To get an idea of how big the resolution is, I've cut a tiny piece out of the main image and displayed it actual size (right).

This might look like it's been captured using a microscope, but in fact it's just using the standard lens that comes with the EOS350D. Even by a rough calculation there are features visible down to a thousandth of an inch.

Also notice the richness of colour in the picture. There are cameras which have a great many megapixels, but it's important to see if the actual quality of the image is as good as this. Colour depth, ISO film equivalents, and other things, make this camera better than some other cameras of the same megapixel resolution. Part of the reason for this is the actual size of the image sensor array. The wavelength of light is a limiting factor for smaller arrays.