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A cat sleeping on a computer that had been converted into a flower pot...

A cat sleeping on a Computer that had been converted into a Flower Pot

This takes a bit of explaining. In the early days of home computers there was a computer known as the Tatung Einstein. It was like a Z80 version of the BBC Micro. This particular Tatung Einstein had seen better days and was cunningly converted into a FLOWER POT. Placed strategically in the sunshine it already looked quite surrealist with plants growing out of it, but then the scene was improved even more when this CAT decided it would be a nice soft warm place to sleep. Cats have a knowledge of computers to the extent that they recognise them as worth sleeping on, a computer giving off plenty of heat even when indoors. So, seeing a computer placed in this garden setting seemed precisely the logical place to rest.

Photo copyright © Zyra, but agreements on copyrights can most likely be amicably sorted out if you are interested. Most of the other shots on this site are shareware, but this one requires extra consideration because it is an unrepeatable shot. I no longer have the computer, and I no longer have the cat. Commercial potential customers please note that I have even higher-resolution versions of this picture which would be even better for use in magazines etc. <= Special copyright arrangements to be agreed by discussion


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