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Picture of a Dead Rat

It's not very nice, but it helps to show the level to which it's possible to have content which is objectionable without it being too bad!

Rats are vermin, and if you find you have a rat in your house, it has to go. Various humane capture methods were tried in this case, but in the end the rat had to be trapped. It was killed instantly in a rat trap baited with something tasty. The rat weighed 350 grammes, and was 21cm long plus 20cm of tail. It was put on display for a while to prove it was no longer alive in the house.

Picture of a Dead Rat:

Picture of a Dead Rat

I have no bad feelings towards rats, but I would prefer not to have any in the house. Rats cause a lot of damage, and there are health implications not all of which are good. There is a sense of uneasiness which goes with their presence. Even if there is only one rat in the house, it feels as if it displaces civilisation. Although it might seem a strange thing to do, to hang the dead rat up and leave it for a while on display, this helped to dispel the state of hauntedness and doubt which would otherwise have existed.

Another Picture of a Dead Rat:

Picture of a Dead Rat

One of the reasons for putting these pictures online was to define a yardstick by which objectionable content can be measured. Because pictures of a dead rat are only moderately objectionable, it becomes possible to state that as other content on the site is less objectionable than this, it is a site which does not contain truly objectionable content. This then avoids the notion that clauses in contracts can retrospectively claim some particular thing to be "objectionable" when it is only being judged that way to achieve political/litigious aims after the fact. We have not signed contracts to be judged after the fact, nor signed blank cheques to be filled in later.

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