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100 Watt lightbulb ban? We protest!

For many years the 100 watt incandescent filament lightbulb was the standard of light. Then the Economy Bulb was invented and it was found to be better for the environment. Now that's all very well, and there is a good-sense economic argument for the Economy Bulb. However, once governments start to impose their tyranny and BAN the old style light bulb, we protest! How dare they! If it was a free choice, we'd be happily switching to economy bulbs, as they save money and save the environment, and we can put up with the inferior quality light most of the time.

The problem is, government interference with people's free choice, especially over something as basic as their choice of lightbulbs, is something which is WRONG, and now there's a huge backlash against this authoritarian evil system that has imposed such nonsense upon us.

Once governments enact laws about things which people should be making a free choice in, it mucks-up people's ability to make choices themselves. Someone forced to wear a safety helmet will behave more dangerously. The natural balance and self-adjustment which is part of the learning process inside the mind is damaged by external authoritarian force.

On the lightbulbs, there are health issues too. People with LUPUS are discriminated against because of the compulsory lightbulb laws. Lupus sufferers can't abide the stray UV from Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL), and they suffer rashes, hair loss, migraines, dizziness, etc. Imagine if it was black people who were discriminated against "because they absorb more light". There would be outrage, followed by riots, followed by the toppling of governments. However, the governments have already sussed that only a small minority of people suffer from LUPUS and so they can be ignored. Well, can they? Are they just going to peacefully die under the dim light of oppression. I'm guessing there will be some sort of fightback, if they can survive long enough.

I'm not denying that economy lightbulbs are more efficient and use less electricity, but there are more important things than the cost of electricity and even the environment. Freedom. It would be better that we live in a post-apocalyptic world where the normal society has been destroyed, than it would be to live in a dystopian world where everything is controlled by governments and there's no freedom.

The governments of Europe should be especially ashamed of themselves. Europe went through terrible wars to defeat the tyranny of the Nazis. It seems ironical now that the European Union is itself becoming a tyrannical power that meddles in people's lives.

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There are also some counter-measures which we can all take against the problems. One favourite which is heard is: Stockpile 100 watt lightbulbs. While you can still get them, hoard them. This is great news for the lightbulb companies, and it also gives us a few years before we have to find another solution. Some of the "other solutions" are more environmentally friendly, such as LED lighting systems, and some are much less environmentally friendly, such as Candles. Candles are nice to look at, but they are less efficient, more expensive to run, and are also a fire risk.

Another idea against the 100 watt lightbulb ban is to have a blackmarket. Lightbulbs can be manufactured in secret workshops, like the way hooch and moonshine were made during the notorious prohibition era. Also, it's possible to buy bulbs from a variety of international locations and have them secretly imported. This is almost impossible for the vogons to stamp out.

There is another solution, which is LEGAL, but which is of course less efficient and worse for the environment: Light up your home with car headlamps. These can be acquired, legally, from scrap car places, and wired up. As they run on 12 volts, they can either be powered off a transformer, battery, or other 12 volt supply. Or, if you can get twenty identical ones, they can be wired up in series and powered off the 240 volt mains. (If you have 110 volt mains, then that's NINE, not twenty, in series). The result is an incandescent lighting system which produces the right wavelength light. However it is very inefficient, and so works completely counter to the tyranny's original objectives.

As a paranoid schizophrenic myself, I have noticed other problems with the dim light produced by economy lightbulbs (CFL). Under such lighting it is as if part of my mind thinks it is actually in the dark, whereas logically I can see the light is on in the room. However, I can easily solve this by drinking alcohol or eating raw garlic. Then the lights come on inside my head.

In contrast to the depressing light produced by compact fluorescent lamps, I have found that there are some forms of artificial light which have the opposite effect, causing a luminescence which is inspiring. Some bright blue LEDs by Opto-Source, produced light which lights up the mind. Well, that's my experience, anyway. I've also found that distributed lighting systems (where there are thousands of tiny lamps all around) are inspirational (even though they tend to be expensive to run).

Other good suggestions: Halogen lights. It's worth looking into the efficiency of these, along with bright LED systems, and the obvious choice: Neon!

Another point which is sometimes mentioned is that although the compact fluorescent economy lightbulbs are supposed to be better for the environment as they use less electricity, they actually contain small amounts of mercury. Mercury is poisonous, and make no mistake, the mercury in bulbs will get into the environment. However, the amount of mercury in a bulb is small, so let's not panic. (If you happen to smash an economy bulb, don't vacuum it up. Instead, use a damp cloth. The idea is to minimise the amount of the powder that you breathe in).

Paranoid comment: Maybe governments have realised that by forcing everyone to have dim lights, they can somehow dim the amount of mental activity going on, and so make people more docile and easier to control. It's much easier to run a dystopia if people are depressed and resigned to their sad fate.

It has also been noted that the imposition of a prohibitionist ban on 100 watt lightbulbs by Europe is a bizarrely dictatorial notion. Besides upsetting people, it is also clumsy strategically. If instead, a tax had been put on the sale of the lightbulbs, so they cost more than economy bulbs, most people would not have grumbled, and the people to whom incandescent light is essential for their health, it would be just a matter of paying extra to stay alive. The "lightbulb tax", like the tax duty on alcoholic drink, would also have allowed people with dimmer-switches, and people who run disco lighting, to stay in business.

It's hard to see WHY the Federa European State imposed such a ban, but this is made clearer when it's discovered that the ruling was sneaked in on a "pork barrel rider". This also apparently means that if the ruling was overturned (for example if the streets of Europe were being lit by the flames of petrol bombs from protesters), then the rest of the legislation passed in the pork-barrel would also have to be overturned! This is the sort of thing that can happen if people start to do something about an evil pan-european superstate bureaucracy unaccountable to the people. Then again, people don't vote for politicians