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Bid Rivals

Is it an auction site or an e-commerce platform, maybe it's both! Bid Rivals the online auction site where 95% of the auctions also have a buy-it-now option.

Bid Rivals:

"BidRivals.com is the only global e-commerce / penny auction site available on the market.

BidRivals.com offer consumers one of the lowest cost-per-bid online at £0.42.

95% of their products have a buy-now option, available to the consumers up to 14 days after the auction closes, in case they bid on an item and then decide to buy it at retail price, they'll receive 100% of the bids placed on such item back.

I need to add that in most countries, for example, their buy-now prices are usually lower than what other online retailers have to offer, soon they'll have a section completely dedicated to the users interested in buying the items directly, without any bidding.

All this sets them apart from the competition, at the end they're an online retailer that also offers the opportunity to win products at discounted prices via penny auction".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

Link Here To Go To The Place!

Bid Rivals

http://www.bidrivals.com/uk/ affiliate program is with Trade Tracker

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