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Online Auctions

Online Auction Companies

This is a category of companies that operate auctions online, where you can place bids for items and buy online, sell online, etc. An early example of a computerised buying and selling system was Zyra's Bazaar which was founded in 1987. Not many people believed such a thing was possible then, so it's had to wait for the world to catch up and for someone else to invent it.

Anyway, here's a list of some companies who operate international buying and selling systems online, each with their own different way of doing things...

uBid - welcome back!


MadBid.com - welcome to being good for business on this site!


Price Falls




Dylan Boutique

Fashion Bay

Miss Penny

Bid Small Win Big


Bid Rivals

Founded in Germany in 2005, Swoopo is one of the world’s most innovative auction sites. Based on a unique software solution and business model, the company sells premium products like: computers, cameras, game consoles and even cars, at very low prices. Swoopo auctions over 10,000 products per month and has more than 1,200,000 registered customers.

The Bid For CompanyThe Bid For Company (af)
The Bid for Company was set up with the vision of offering desirable items for people to bid for and win. However, there's a twist! To prevent all the items going to the people with the deepest pockets, we've implemented a "reverse auction" process - so for the same nominal entry fee, everyone's got an equal chance of owning the items for a tiny fraction of their value! We set the maximum amount of a bid on an item and the person with the LOWEST UNIQUE BID WINS.

Buying or selling a second hand bargain? Preloved is full of people selling nearly new and really old bargains in over 500 categories.

Auto eBid
Looking for a car that's cheaper? Take a look at their Reverse Auction website.

QXL.com is an online auction platform, which enables individuals and small businesses to buy and sell all types of products and services online in an easy, efficient and safe environment. It is part of QXL Ricardo plc, which has online auction sites in 9 European countries.

Morgan AuctionsMorgan Auctions
Established since 1997 (which makes us almost veterans in this field), Morgan Auctions sells a wide range of overstock, refurbished and second user computer equipment. All goods are sold without reserve - All bids start at £1.

Mercado Libre - Latin America

Ali Baba China

Used Dudley - free ads - introducing buyers and sellers online

Amethyst Auctions - "I have just set up this auction site which I am hoping will take off as an Alternative Auction site, aimed at all walks of alternative lifestyles in the UK". - was www.amethyst-auctions.co.uk

Trade Me New Zealand - Where Kiwis Buy and Sell

Boston Auctions - "Boston Auctions is a community auction, which brings the buyer and seller closer together into a more geographical area. This has the positive advantage that you can collect your item from seller if you wish". - welcome back!


Bidaroo - 25% goes to charity!

Lovely Jubbly

Bid Jam


Little Bid Tasty


Bid Cactus

Quick 2 Bid

Bid Yell

RedBread Auctions

Bid and Click

Trotters Independent Tradings

Oltiby.com - Reverse Online Auctions - "Reverse online auctions for buyers and sellers to trade products and services in an online marketplace".

MadBid.com - welcome on this site - see other entry in this page or visit the MadBid dedicated page. Welcome!

If you run an online auction business and would like to be added to this page, we can talk business and it has to be said that one of the best ways to get on here is to have an affiliate program, as explained in the page What's an Affiliate Program?