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Miss Penny

Miss Penny

The clue is in the name! Miss Penny is a penny auction site and because items only increase for a penny at a time, you stand a good chance of grabbing a bargain. Don't get auction fever though, as you'll have no money left for the mortgage!

Miss Penny:

"Misspenny.com is owned and operated by a group of Scandinavian entrepreneurs with knowledge and background from gaming, digital advertising and marketing. We are a team of 11 people with office both in London and in Stockholm.

Miss Penny is a Penny Auction. It works as a traditional auction, but with two major differences; For each bid placed, the final price of the auction is only raised by a penny (hence, 'Penny Auctions'), and all bids cost £0,4 to place.

Otherwise, it's an auction just like any other auction. The highest bidder wins the auction. The great thing about Penny Auctions are that since they are only raised by a penny at a time, the products will sell at considerable discounts, often as high as 90-98% off!

It's an amazing chance to make a really good deal. Miss Penny combines the thrill and joy of a regular auction with the opportunity make a super deal!"

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

Link Here To Go To The Place!

http://www.misspenny.com/auction-web/site/ affiliate program is with Trade Tracker

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