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Unlike lots of auction sites, with Autorola if your car doesn't sell there's no charge. Combine that with the aim of gaining you the optimal price for your car, you'd be a foll to overlook this site if your planning on selling.


"Autorola is one of the pioneers in online car auctions throughout Europe. Our unique network of over 1,000 approved dealers makes us the only auction where you can command the market's highest price for your car within 72 hours.

Why should I choose to sell my car at Autorola.co.uk?

There are many advantages of selling through Autorola.co.uk.

Autorola.co.uk hold two weekly auctions for 1,000 + car dealers, which will ensure your car is sold quickly at the market's optimal price. Within a few days, you can find the dealer willing to pay the highest price for your car.

When you sell your car through Autorola.co.uk, you have no warranty obligations, and we provide free impartial advise regarding the sale of your car.

Finally, the buyer comes to you to collect the car, within a week of the auction.

There is no easier or better way to sell your car and in the unlikely event that your car is not sold, you do not pay any commission - No sale no charge!"

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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http://www.autorola.co.uk affiliate program was with Tradedoubler.Sadly, the affiliate program has now finished, and we hope it starts again soon. In the meantime, please visit our Car Dealers section for alternatives.