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eBay is an online auction company. It is true that it is possible to make money by buying and selling stuff on eBay, and some people can make a living doing this.

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A friend of mine has made thousands selling a variety of specialist items on eBay, but it is quite hard work and a lot of time is spent wrapping up parcels, giving the entrepreneur's office the impression that it is the delivery dispatch office of Santa Claus. There's a certain knack to being a success at the eBay business, and if you fancy giving it a try, then have fun! But try to avoid assuming it will make you a fortune. Good luck!

It is surprising how much money some things are worth if you can find someone who is interested. eBay is like an auction room where there are thousands of people there, and chances are SOMEONE will be interested in any particular unusual item you've got for sale.

Some items are better suited to the eBay scene than others. Items that can be described in words are best, especially if they are small but valuable.

If you're interested, the web addresses of a variety of international branches of eBay are listed below. However, we have stopped being on the eBay affiliate programs as it was simply uneconomical to advertise. Quite simply, it cost more money keeping checking up on the persistently changing terms and conditions than the affiliate program earned in commission. The commission was not particularly good, but that's not the point. It was the time wasted on reading through yet another tedious set of rules about search engine cheating, pay per click, and all that kind of nonsense, and various unnecessary problems such as the questions about gambling, etc. In the end, it ceased to be a viable proposition, so the links have been removed. Please note that we have nothing against eBay. It's just that there are much better shopping opportunities available on affiliate programs online.

Here is the list of addresses for your information:

eBay UK - ebay.co.uk

eBay Australia - ebay.com.au

eBay Netherlands - ebay.nl

eBay Belgium - ebay.be

eBay Italy - ebay.it

eBay France - ebay.fr

Baazee / eBay India - ebay.in

eBay Spain - ebay.es


eBay Canada - ebay.ca

If you think you will have better luck with the eBay affiliate program, you can join at Commission Junction

Also see Half.com which is part of the same group of companies. Also (2005) I'd heard eBay have bought out Skype.Half.com

What about spam from eBay? Surely eBay themselves don't send spam? Actually eBay are trying to put a stop to eBay spam and other kinds of malpractice. If you receive an e-mail claiming to be from eBay and demanding that you confirm your security details, you can assume it is a HOAX. See what you think about this at the eBay Spam Page

There is quite a lot of history to the eBay affiliate page at this site, and it may be that some day the commission offered will be enough to cover the cost of reading the affiliate agreements, especially if the commission is higher and the contracts change less often and/or if the terms and conditions are the same for all the eBay sites rather than changing all the time differently at the different sites.

Another issue which it's only fair to mention is that we don't get on well with PayPal. There are too many rules at PayPal, some of which are merely bureaucratic and some of which were considered a danger to the personal safety of the character who runs this business, because of the risk of stalkers. If you read PayPal's terms and conditions you may notice that in theory at least, PayPal can legally just keep your money and tell you to get stuffed! Also, there is an issue with eBay making PayPal compulsory, and PayPal and eBay being to some extent the same company and us not being paid for new sign-ups if they've already got an account with PayPal. What are the real banks doing to stop PayPal from taking over the world? There are surely much more efficient ways of doing international money transfer.

I hope all this is sorted out at some time. It would be nice to be good for business and be paid fairly and have a stable set of agreements being maintained without fuss. In the meantime, this website will continue to advertise other famous names and to be generally good for business and online shopping. To be fair to eBay, they did clean up their affiliate agreement quite a lot, but unfortunately they left in it a clause which stated that the affiliate must also comply with all of the rules which would apply to people who join eBay as customers, and some of those rules were unacceptable, besides the fact that the whole set of agreements were in total much longer than, for example, the stuff you'd have to sign to transact the purchase of a house!

There are some genuine bargains to be had on eBay, but be careful. I advise against buying USB memory sticks on eBay, as a great many of them are fake. Fake USB sticks aren't just things with dodgy name badges, they are to a greater extent non-functional. Typically a 1Gb memory stick has the internals from an old 8Mb stick faked-up to look like 1Gb.

If you decide to join eBay, have fun! It's a buyer's market and last time I looked, much of the stuff was being sold for much less than it's worth, so you might find a bargain!