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This is interesting, an online auction-house with a different way of doing business. It's a bit like a Dutch Auction, but involves sealed bids, like tenders. Designed originally for airline passengers, the business has expanded and is now available when flying in cyberspace. Here's how AuctionAir themselves explain it... "Auctionair offers a hand picked range of the latest and hottest technology, incredible experiences and luxury goods and luxury holidays all available at a fraction of their retail price via a unique “sealed bid” auction. Items at auction now include Mini Cooper (bids above £350), Apple iMac and iBooks (bids above £10), Compaq IPAQs with Navigator (£10), A weekend at the TriBeCa Grand in New York (£25), Drive Formula One car yourself (£30), a week in the Bahamas (£45), and 4 NEC Plasma Screen TVs (£50). Designed originally for airline passengers, after a year of trading (as of 2002/07), Auctionair is now available to anyone through affiliate links on the web. Bids placed are sealed (so we can't talk you up, nor can you see anyone else's bid) and are compared at the close date when the highest bidder wins. Customers pay a small variable entry fee (depending upon the number of bids made) to bid. Average entry fee is £12. Unlike other auctions, there are no buyer and no seller commissions and also successful bidders are NOT bound to go through with their offer. If they turn it down, the item is offered to the next highest bidder (and so on until it is sold). The average saving delivered to lowest winning bidders so far has been £1229. !"

This starts to make even more sense when you visit the place and think about what is on offer...

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