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Don't lose it, locate it!

track it down and find its location with Loc8tor. They've created multi application, award winning tagging, locating and tracking devices.


"Loc8tor Ltd. is a UK based technology company that develops and has brought to market award-winning tagging, locating and tracking devices that help find track and locate important possessions and can even stop them from getting lost in the first place.

By blending the best of old and new technology Loc8tor provides the first affordable homing device of its kind that actually guides you which way to walk, and which can be used across a myriad of personal and professional applications to tag, track and locate almost anything.

Pet Trackers:

Your cat or indeed any other pet is no match for Loc8tor, it’s already saved thousands of pets throughout the world from getting lost. Discover your pets favourite hiding place in seconds.

Child Trackers:

Keep an extra eye on your kids, know where they are. Alerts you when they wander that little too far. Ideal for parks, busy town centres, holidays and more.

At Home;

Don’t panic when you lose your keys, wallet - or TV remote. The locator finds thing fast anywhere around your home telling you which way to walk no matter how well hidden.

Living Aid Trackers:

Ideal tracking devise for use by carers and sufferers of Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Autism. Trackers also suitable for those who are Elderly, Blind or Deaf.

GPS Tracking:

Track and find almost anything in the world – monitor it from your mobile phone. One of the best value quality GPS devices available today".

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