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4 Electronic Warehouse

4 Electronic Warehouse

Home Electronics and Custom Installation Experts

Get yourself down to the 4 Electronic Warehouse website. You'll find a marvellous range of electronics and they even offer a custom installation service.

4 Electronic Warehouse:

"Your Electronic Warehouse is a consumer electronics store that is a division of 1st in Video-Music World, Inc. The parent company, 1st in Video-Music World, started in 1975 as Music World, a brick and mortar stereo equipment store in Quincy, Illinois.

Our founder, Dennis Boudreau, started Music World out of a project for a college class on how to start a small business. After 5 years of selling strictly stereo equipment, Music World began to sell video equipment in 1980 and the company name evolved into 1st in Video-Music World Inc.

Making the transition to selling video equipment was the first of many adaptations for 1st in Video-Music World. In 1982, it became the concept store for the first complete A/V system for Pioneer, and later incorporated Video Rental during the boom of the VCR.

But 1st in Video Music World’s greatest advancements came about in the mid-90’s. In 1994, 1st in Video-Music world opened its new mega store and took up the name Your Electronic Warehouse.

Three years later, Your Electronic Warehouse took its business online as 4ElectronicWarehouse.com and over the last ten years has developed into an Internet Retailer Top 500 company: Electronics, Home Electronics, Audio/Video, Home Theater Systems, Home Electronics, Professional Audio, Headphones, Home Theater, Whole House Audio and Custom Home Electronics".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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4 Electronic Warehouse

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