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Name of [something] Warehouse

Companies whose name has WAREHOUSE on the end

Quite a few companies have a name of the form [something] Warehouse, where [something] is the line of business appertaining to the company in question.

A warehouse is a large building used for storage. Warehouses are big and spacious. They are trade / commercial / industrial properties, and as the primary purpose is storage, warehouses tend to be without plush home-comforts.

As well as -Warehouse giving an impression that the company is large, or has a vast amount of storage space filled with the stock line in question, it also suggests implicitly the type of trade premises which is not swish showroom style, and could therefore be less expensive for the goods.

This page has a list of such companies, or at least companies whose name has the word WAREHOUSE on the end. These are companies which are featured at Zyra's website.

4 Electronic Warehouse

Auto Parts Warehouse

Beds Warehouse

Boardsport Warehouse - gone

Carphone Warehouse - probably one of the first companies to be [something] Warehouse

Clothing Warehouse

Duvet and Pillow Warehouse

First Aid Warehouse

Memory Foam Warehouse

Mower Warehouse - gone

Office Furniture Warehouse

The Golfers Warehouse - gone

The Hobby Warehouse

Tie Warehouse

Trampoline Warehouse

Watch Warehouse

Wetsuit Wearhouse - note the different spelling.

Other curious namings include 4U , and also having a Z on the end, and also Just [something]