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Companies with 4U in the name

In a similar way to the way there are various companies with World-of or Just or simply or having a final Z, there are a whole set of companies whose name ends in 4U, which is txt msg speak for "For You". Some of the companies spell it out "4 You", and some just have 4U.

Here's the list of 4U companies we have featured at this site...

Bedding 4U

Car Loan 4U

Champagne Gifts 4U

Chemist 4 U

Corsets 4u

Envie 4u - Lingerie

Goggles 4U

Halloween Costumes 4 U

Hids 4 U

Hotels 4U


Perfume 4 U

Phones4u - that's a well known place!


Wine Gifts 4U - was with DGM PRO, but Champagne Gifts 4U is now with Webgains!

Working Capital 4U

Although these companies have apparently very little in common apart from their choice of naming, it is interesting to notice that at the time of publishing, there were very few lost affiliate programs. This shows a better than average reliability. So, well done to companies with 4U in the name!

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