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Nail 4 You

Fed up paying Nail-Shop prices? Why not have a go at doing them yourself! At Nail 4 You you can do just that and maybe get your friends to do theirs as well.

Nail 4 You:

"Nail4You is the leading online shop in the UK for quality nail products. We test out products very carefully so that we are sure to deliver high quality products EVERY TIME you shop with us.

Nail4You is – as the name suggests – all about your nails. Whether you want to make longer nails with acrylic or gel. Or maybe you just want to have the opportunity to decorate your own nails or strengthen your own nails. Your nails constitute the first impression! It costs about £35 to walk into a nail-shop and get artificial nails done. Those nails will last for about 3 weeks – and then again – you have to come back up with £35 for new nails – again, again and again…

Nail4you is one of the few companies on the cosmetic market where the customer doesn't need specialised knowledge to buy and use the product. Nail4you gives you a straight forward nail system - a 'start-kit', that gives you roughly 50 complete nail sessions for the same price of 2 visits to the nail shop. And it is very easy to-do-it-yourself!

Nail4you also give you the opportunity to make decorations (on your own nails or acrylic/gel nails) which with no doubt will make the impression last. And it is very easy to-do-it-your-self… All products come with training manual and DVDs for home studies and own creativity. Furthermore is this also a social activity – sit down with your girlfriends and exchange designs and experiences – or just sit down and do your nails together".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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