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World Of...

It is interesting how many companies are WORLD OF [something]. There are quite a few of them at this site, a set of worlds connected up.

World of Baths

World of Beds

World of Bears

World Of DIY

World of DVD

World of Magic

World of Magic Online

World of Packaging

World of Tea

World of TUI
which also includes World of TUI and Lunn Poly and World of TUI; airline

World Of Wedding Favours

There are also organisations with WORLD in the title, for example the World Wildlife Fund (World Wide Fund for Nature), World Wide Land Conservation Trust , World Wrestling Entertainment , World Vision's alternative gift catalogue , World society for the protection of animals , World Winner, and many others, but these are different conceptually, as they are pertaining to the actual World, rather than having an inherent specificity, being a world OF some particular thing.