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www.dvdworld.co.uk - Home Entertainment since 1997

DVD World is a place that does DVDs, DVD players, various stuff to do with movies, and news about the latest films available. In their own words:

"DVDWorld is one of the UK's longest established mail-order suppliers of DVD titles and was one of the first to offer an online service to its customers way back in September 1998. Since then we have tried to make our site more user-friendly and informative. This resulting site opened in December 2000 is the latest stage in an on-going development which hopefully results in an unparalleled online shopping experience for DVD products."

They also add that the site is easy to use, and that it's easy to open an account and order DVDs online. You can also have a DVD WISHLIST. Your requirements can be customised, and it's all very clever stuff!

DVDWorld is at Unit 38, Brambles Enterprise Centre, Waterberry Drive, PO7 7TH, Waterlooville Hants, ENGLAND, but they'll deliver almost anywhere!

This is a business whose proprietors have decided to give this site the chance to earn a commission on sales brought to their business from this site. This is good for business and if you link from here, I get paid! And it doesn't cost you anything, because it comes out of their marketing budget.


www.dvdworld.co.uk affiliate program is by affiliate@Escapi.com

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