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It is interesting how many companies are SIMPLY [something]. There are quite a few of them at this site. Here's the list so far...

Simply Fair - Fair Trade in the world

Simply Drop - connected with Royal Mail

Simply Games Ltd - video games etc

Simply Garden Furniture - part of the Kybotech group

Simply Home Entertainment - niche market DVD

Simply Be - plus size fashion

Simply Scuba - underwater gear

Simply Log Cabins - outbuildings constructed from timber

Simply Paving - a supplier of paving

Simply Picnic - dining out in style

Simply Recycle - mobile phone recycling

Simply Switch - electricity and gas

Simply Whispers - allergy-safe jewelry USA

Simply.com - was a hosting company, but now it seems to have simply disappeared


Simple Cover - insurance. Well, OK, it's Simple Cover, not Simply Cover, but it might as well be included in the list!

The idea of a company being named Simply [whatever] gives the idea that whatever it is that's involved is not over-complicated or difficult. However, it's a bit like "Just..." and tends to suggest that whatever the company has as its main line, then that is the only line it has. This kind of thing often leaves the company a hostage to fortune, for example if the company was called "Simply Baths", and then they diversified to sell toilets as well, it would leave their company name at-odds with their range of goods.

An interesting variant on "Simply..." is Seriously. There's a company whose gadgets are widespread, and the whole set of stores are known as Seriously Stores.

Were it to be "Simple" rather than "Simply", it has the other problem which is an association with that which is "simple", not merely easy. This is illustrated by the idea that a person may be "simple", which does not mean they are stupid, but it does mean they are simple-minded, and uncluttered from intellectual complexity.