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telephone (uk) 01522 520767

web address: www.zyra.org.uk/birkett.htm

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The famous John Birkett kept getting asked if he had a website; well now he has and you are looking at it.

When asked why no one could e-mail him, he replied in all seriousness 'what is wrong with morse code?'.

So, if you would like to purchase any audio/radio/computer parts then please contact John or a member of his staff on the telephone (uk) 01522 520767, or by post at the above address.

Or better still, why not visit in person at the Lincoln shop or on a stall at an Amateur Radio rally near you (ring for details).

Left hand shop window

Right hand shop window

Just a small sample of the vast range of new and secondhand equipment available, including vintage/military/commercial/amateur radios, wireless and test equipment, aircraft instruments, microphones, amplifiers, speakers, wire and cables, aerials and various types of antenna, batteries, bulbs, audio accessories and literature that can be found through the left hand door.

inside the radio/audio side of Birketts

click here for higher resolution interior picture

Through the right hand door - loads of difficult-to-find electronic components (chips, transistors, capacitors, resistors, diodes etc). Metal and plastic boxes to build your own electronic projects and knobs to finish the job off in style.

Surplus computers, monitors and peripherals, complete or for spares.

Not a piece of 'junk' in sight!

This page is hosted by ZYRA, see Zyra's front page - please mention this when contacting John Birkett, thank you.(p.s. don't mention the 'j' word).