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These good people made an award-winning film about Zyra. They dared to go where some people would fear to tread... Inside Zyra's house!

The film SHADES OF GREY is a remarkable documentary about Zyra and about schizophrenia and gives a new insight into the way society views mad people.

The film has won prestigious awards at the Royal Television Society "SHADES OF GREY was a compelling piece — a brilliant subject-matter excellently structured and well researched" See video details. - was http://www.rts.org.uk/Information_page_+_3_pic_det.asp?id=2974&sec_id=544

"Shades of Grey wins First Prize in the regional AV Festival in Sunderland"

Gloriously featured by James MacGregor at WideShot - was http://shootingpeople.org/wideshot/ , there is a dedicated page with stills (was http://shootingpeople.org/wideshot/film.php?film_id=13) and a candid interview (was http://shootingpeople.org/wideshot/interview.php?int_id=13) with John-David Hames which he is over-modest about, possibly because of a small mistake in quoting Zyra's website as .co.uk rather than www.Zyra.org.uk !

There's no doubt about it, the film "Shades of Grey" by MEWJY is well-made, and somewhat of an eye-opener for many people who find it unexpected and fascinating. When the film was shown at the www.mind.org.uk conference, some people watched it three times!

More about Zyra and the movie Shades of Grey, including download at http://www.jaxeed.com/uk/shades.htm

MEWJY are: Michael Flack, Elaine Lam, Will Ranoe, John-David Hames, and Yee (Hi Yuang). Business contact address: MEWJY Productions, 20 Ludford Crescent, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, DN21 1XB, United Kingdom. tel: 0775 290 7 290

If you are looking for the Video about Zyra, this is where to look: Shades of Grey. In contrast to some search results which are misleading, this is the real thing.

You can also see the video as embedded YouTube items here...

Shades of Grey part1

Shades of Grey part2

Shades of Grey part3