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Shades of Grey

Video Documentary about a Zyra, fascinating story of an eccentric person

Shades of Grey starring Zyra is a documentary by MEWJY of Sunderland University. Their intriguing and sympathetic portrayal of Zyra shows the unusual lifestyle of an eccentric. The way the story is told challenges some people's conformist ideas about mental health.

If you are looking for the Video about Zyra, this is where to look. Shades of Grey. In contrast to some search results which are misleading, this is the real thing!...

You can also see the video as embedded YouTube items here...

Shades of Grey part1

Shades of Grey part2

Shades of Grey part3

The film has won prestigious awards at the Royal Television Society "SHADES OF GREY was a compelling piece — a brilliant subject-matter excellently structured and well researched".

More about Zyra and the movie Shades of Grey, including download at http://www.jaxeed.com/uk/shades.htm