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Twentieth Century Fox

Twentieth Century Fox, famous movie company with movies having a starting sequence with epic scenery with searchlights sweeping the sky, accompanied by a drum roll and a fanfare. FOX also now includes Fox News, Fox Sports, and a variety of Fox entertainment channels and productions.

Official site: http://www.fox.com

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When Twentieth Century Fox first started, "20th Century" was quite a modern term, and it was only towards the mid to late 20th Century that anyone wondered about what would happen to 20th Century Fox in the 21st Century! It was even said that someone had done a sly trick by reserving the name "21st Century Fox" before the official company had a chance to do anything about it. In the end there was no problem, as 20th Century Fox stuck with the historic name TWENTIETH in the name. Similar things have happened with the mobile phone shop Carphone Warehouse and the sci-fi publication 2000AD.

Incidentally, this page is not the official 20th Century Fox site, but that of an affiliate of Fox TV Store. The official web address is given on this page for your information, and you are welcome to link to it!