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Disney ClassicsDisney

Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Walt Disney World,fantasy castles stretching into the sky, - all good fun stuff! And big business too. This page links directly to DISNEY here...


But wait a minute before leaping off into the wonders of Walt Disney's website, and take a look at the Disney Book ClubDisney Book Club , where you can buy children's books at pretty good prices and JOIN THE CLUB, which has millions of members. Actually we've linked to Disney for a while, but only recently started featuring the Disney Book Club. Another new development is the addition of Disney DVD to the site, where I'd guess a great variety of movies by Disney are available on DVD.

There's also a Disney movie special offer where you buy one Disney movie and get one free at Time Life

Also, if you'd like a stylish expensive Mickey Mouse Watch, see the designer label FOSSIL

There is now a travel pass for Orlando called The Go Orlando Card, which once purchased, gives you FREE entry to over 50 attractions.

To visit Disneyland Europe take a look at our Disneyland Paris GB page.

Don't just read about it in books or purely watch the videos, take a Disney Holiday. This year (2005) they celebrate 50 years of Disney Theme Parks!

There's also Disney World Vacation And Savings Travel Guide which is described as "Ex-Disney Employee Reveals Insider Secrets". - was http://www.dwinsider.com/guide.html?hop=zyra1 - another sad loss because of the Clickbank Problem

You can also buy a Disney share certificate to hang on the wall. As well as making you a Disney shareholder, it also looks good! See Framed Share