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The One Account

The One Account has a clever way of looking after your mortgage and your savings in one account so it's more efficient than having separate accounts. This might save you a reasonable amount of money, depending on your own circumstances. It's worth looking into, isn't it? It might mean you have the flexibility to live your life differently.

According to the helpful people at The One Account: "The right way to manage your money is to put it all in one place. This gives you one balance that reflects your overall financial picture. The One AccountBut that might not always be how you want to look at your money. That's why not only can you look at your One account as a whole - you can break down your One account balance in any way you like. That way you can see your savings, borrowings and other money as individual balances - just like you would with a normal mortgage, current account and savings account. So you get the best of both worlds. You've got everything in one place - giving you total flexibility and saving you money. And you're still able to see your finances in a way you're used to".

If you are interested in finding out how much money you could save, here's the link:The One AccountThe One Account

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http://www.oneaccount.com/ affiliate program was with OMG UK sadly, it has now finished. We hope they will have another program soon! In the meantime, please look at other Current Accounts at this site.