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also see Money, Business, TAX Avoidance, You Should Get a Bank Account, BANKS, Cheques, and Savings Accounts

Current Account

Banks and other financial institutions where you can flexibly manage your money with a Current Account

This is an INTERNATIONAL feature

Lloyds TSB (UK)BarclaysING DIRECT (USA)
Also see
Lloyds TSB Insurance and
Lloyds TSB Student Account

US BankCo-Op Bank - customer led, ethically guidedHSBC Bank Account

Citibank (UK)

ING DIRECT (USA)Alliance and Leicester
Officially it's a Savings Account, but it's instant access


Alliance & Leicester - Premier Direct Current Account
Also see Alliance and Leicester Commercial Bank Business AccountU.S. Bank
and Alliance and Leicester Savings Account

Alliance and Leicester Premier Account

Alliance and Leicester Premier 21

Alliance and Leicester Premier 50

The Post OfficeThe Post Office

Co Op Bank

HSBC Bank AccountAlliance and Leicester Money Back Bank

HSBC Bank Account Plus

Cahoot Current Account

HSBC Bank AccountFirst Direct Bank

Money Back Bank

West Bromwich Building SocietyCapital One Base Beater Savings Account

Capital One Base Beater Savings Account

The Woolwich


Nationwide - proud to be different
proud to be different

Norwich & Peterborough

Abbey National

Bradford & Bingley 0800 113333 UK


Northern Rock

Giro BankAlliance and Leicester Commercial Bank Logo

Cheltenham & Gloucester

Bank of Scotland

Royal Bank of Scotland

Also see the feature on Tax Avoidance and Tax Havens

It's best to have a bank account of some sort so you can pay cheques in. It gives you more flexibility and control over you money. CASH is good, but it can start to look a bit messy if piled up in big untidy heaps. (Bank of Mattress). Also there are snags when carting it around, and there are security risks. Much better to have a bank account. See Why You Should Have a Bank Account

Money in a current account is ready for action. That's why you should have a current account as well as a deposit (savings) account.

Sorry about most of the links being dead. That's because of short-termism in finance affiliate programs during the Credit Crunch