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Lloyds TSB

The Thoroughbred Bank Account Lloyds TSB - featured at Zyra's independent website

Wild horses charging through the streets, television advertising claiming so-many percent interest on your current account savings, a huge announcement by Lloyds TSB Bank on the UK mediaWild horses wouldn't get me to move to a new bank account? in early 2004. This is boldly described on TV as "A new breed of current account", and the dramatic style of advertising combined with savings interest rates higher than the building societies suggests something interesting is going on. What can this mean? Can it be true? Well, I've looked into this and I can tell you some facts about it: Yes, it's true, Lloyds TSB, the well-known bank who also do quite a good line in insurance, has a bank current account which has special things about it which are worth taking a closer look at. Special conditions apply, so if you want to go for it, make sure you qualify first.UK

This page you are reading is part of Zyra's website, where all kinds of things are written about and independently reviewed. When you see an independent reviewer passing comment on a bank and saying positive things about the place, this has to be welcomed! Plus, in case you are wondering, the FSA are happy about general review comment being made, provided it's true, fair, and isn't misleading. They like to see fair play in the financial market! Zyra's website is in the affiliate business and does very well promoting all kinds of famous places and well known shops as well as banks. It would be great if Lloyds TSB current account had an affiliate program so you the customer could link through and sign up for a bank account after hearing the good things I have said about it! Currently (2006/11) there isn't an affiliate program for Lloyds TSB bank account, although it is still nice to be able to promote Lloyds TSB Insurance, the Lloyds Platinum credit card, and the Lloyds TSB Student Bank Account. I think Lloyds do quite well here really! It's nice to be on good diplomatic terms with everyone.

The link was here to go to Lloyds TSB the current account that paid a decent rate of interest!

http://www.lloydstsb.co.uk/ , http://www.lloydstsb.com/ , and http://www.lloydstsbcurrentaccounts.com/ affiliate program was with Commission Junction However, it is temporarily on hold due to website changes. In the meantime, please look at other banks at our Finance section.

Update 2006/11: You can now see the Lloyds TSB Student Account and the Lloyds TSB Platinum Card and the old page about the Lloyds TSB Platinum Card and also Lloyds Insurance