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Lloyds TSB Platinum Card

Take out a mastercard with Lloyds TSB Platinum Card. You can even get a credit card from a black horse today!

Lloyds TSB is a rather taciturn company when it comes to shpiel required for nice dedicated pages on affiliate websites, so I'm going to ad-lib! The Lloyds TSB Platinum Card is a little plastic card with rounded corners, and it confers upon its owner the ability to spend money that they may not have actually got at the time, to buy all kinds of things at places which accept Mastercard. That's the company whose motto is "Priceless!". The Lloyds TSB Platinum Card is not actually made of the metal platinum, but the naming is poetical, to infer that the spending power of that credit card is higher than that for some other types of card. The Lloyds TSB Platinum card is a credit card which is by Lloyds TSB, hence the name "Lloyds TSB Platinum Credit Card" which is therefore an accurate description of the item in question.

Lloyds TSB Platinum Card has the motto "Release the pressure", which helps to suggest a relief from stress will be achieved when you take out a Lloyds TSB Platinum MasterCard. This is again a nice poetical concept, and if you take out such a card yourself you will be able to determine first-hand if this is so.Lloyds TSB Platinum Credit Card

On the recent batch of Lloyds TSB television commercials, they have a high speed train going through a surrealist landscape, and the motto "For the Journey", which is a nice philosophical principle based on the idea that life is for the appreciation of experience during life, not merely for achievements during life, and definitely not for the final destination associated with the end of the line in life! The relevancy of this philosophical concept to banking and finance may be that by use of the financial services of Lloyds TSB you can get the things you desire and so gain experience at an earlier time than you would if you had to save up and pay in cash.

In the Lloyds TSB telly ads, the trains are streamlined, perhaps a bit like Eurostar, but at least on Lloyds TSB trains you don't get stuck underground, put through unnecessary stress, have your health put at risk, and then promise your money back and only given a fraction of it back. Life is shown to be much easier on Lloyds TSB trains, but then, they are in a fantasy world of television advertising.Lloyds TSB Platinum Credit Card

Now here's the shpiel which we've been given for the purpose of promoting Lloyds TSB Platinum Card: "Release the pressure with the Lloyds TSB Platinum MasterCard. Apply now and you’ll enjoy 0% on balance transfers for 14 months and 0% on purchases for 3 months. 3% fee and minimum spend of £100 in the first 3 months apply. Typical XX.X%* APR variable". These details were correct at the time of publishing, in May 2008. (Of course WE don't say on these pages what the actual APR interest rate is, because it's bound to change sooner or later and then there's such a terrible fuss as they try to get it altered because they are scared of the FSA. So, much better to keep shtum on interest rates. They're not secret, of course, and if you'd like to find out what the APR is right now you can visit their site and see for yourself).

Now look, it's no good saying that we are not compliant. Being compliant is something which you have to be if you live in places such as North Korea, Burma, Eritrea, Turkmenistan, Singapore, Qatar, etc. We are not compliant; we are conciliatory and cooperative. We have friendly diplomatic relations with almost all of the big companies mentioned on this website, and some of them do very well. Part of the reason for the success of Zyra's website across a great many affiliate networks is because this is a real website with proper content and actual stuff being written, rather than it just being a few silly PPC ads stuck on search engines in the hopes some people haven't got enough sense yet to know that PPC is the new SPAM! You'll see none of that here. No incentivised leads, no silly voucher codes, and no PPC. Instead, stuff being advertised is written about, explained, and shown to customers who should then have the good sense to make their own minds up about whether it's for them.

If you're wondering about the Lloyds TSB Platinum Card, you should look at your finances and decide if it's for you. Bear in mind that if you borrow money you will be expected to pay it back. It is, however, easier to carry a Lloyds TSB plastic card about than a big bag of cash of equivalent spending power, and if you think about the relative insurance risks you can see there can sometimes be wisdom in plastic if you're sensible how you use it.

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Lloyds TSB Platinum Card

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Aha! The Lloyds TSB Platinum Credit Card affiliate program WAS back (for a while)! Good! Do you know, I think affiliate programs are much better if they keep on running on a continuous basis rather than being stop-start capped programs which are a bit awkward?

I hope they get this sorted out soon. In the meantime, sad as it may seem, this page has been bunged up