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Platinum: The very expensive metal PLATINUM is heavier and more expensive than GOLD, and has uses in jewellery and money-storage, but also has some interesting chemical properties. For example, hydrogen and oxygen gas will mix and are quite stable. Introduce some platinum, and BANG! The catalytic properties of the element platinum set reactions in process! Also see the Platinum-Diamond connection and also Platinum Diamonds

A set of international links follows:

International Platinum Association - was www.platinuminfo.net


Anglo Platinum Group Metals

Platinum Metals Review

As from the July 2004 issue, Johnson Matthey's science journal Platinum Metals Review became an E-journal with the editorial team offering a free quarterly E-journal on the dedicated website.
- was http://www.platinummetalsreview.com/

Platinum Today / Johnson Matthey - "the world's leading authority on platinum"

Platinum Group Metals.net

Platinum at IMPLATS.za - was www.implats.co.za

Jewellery at the Platinum Collection.co.uk

USGS mineral statistics for Platinum Group Metals







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Also note: The idea of being more prestigious than gold means that there are a lot of things such as credit cards called "platinum", for example the GM Platinum Credit Card and the Lloyds TSB Platinum Credit Card, and also Platinum Play Casino, even though of course the platinum quality is symbolic and the metallic content of a "Platinum Credit Card" is zero. So, when searching for "platinum" on search engines, try adding things like "atomic weight", or put "platinum group metals".

Also see silver

Other info:

Density: 21.4

Atomic number: 78

Atomic weight: 195.09

Melting point: 1770 °C

Cost: Expensive