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The GM Card

This is the old page telling you about the GM Card which used to be promoted here at Zyra's website. Here is the shpiel, which is historical now:The GM Card

Have you ever bought a new car on your credit card? Did you know there's a card out there that will give you a discount on a new car price? Well, it's true the GM Platinum card will do this for you, read their details below to find out more.

The GM Card:

What is The GM Card?

Since its launch in 1994, The GM Card has enabled UK motorists to make significant savings when purchasing a new Vauxhall. Cardholders earn Rebate Points on all purchases made using The GM Card, allowing them to save up to £2000 on the purchase price of a new Vauxhall (after the price has been negotiated with the retailer and any marketing offers applied).The GM Card

Another member of the General Motors family was introduced to the Programme in 2005, and already many GM Cardholders have taken advantage of using their Rebate Points to save up to £2500 on any new Saab model. This has widened the appeal of The GM Card, enabling a new audience to appreciate the benefits of the Card.

The GM Card has been re-branded in June 2005 in line with Saab joining the Programme. The GM Card itself has been redesigned, alongside the website and all cardholder/marketing communications.

Why The GM Card?

Save money off your next new Vauxhall or Saab, simply by doing what you do anyway. Use The GM Card on all your regular purchases and your Rebate Points will soon add up, enabling you to save up to £2000 on a new Vauxhall or £2500 on a new Saab. The benefits are highlighted below:

Save up to £2000 off a new Vauxhall and up to £2500 off a new Saab (subject to the Model Line Maximums).

The Model Line Maximums:

- 1000 Rebate Points = £1000 off a new Corsa, Agila, VX220, Monaro or Vauxhall Commercial Vehicle

- 1250 Rebate Points = £1250 off a new Astra, Astra variants, Zafira, Meriva, TigraThe GM Card

- 1500 Rebate Points = £1500 off a new Vectra

- 2000 Rebate Points = £2000 off a new Signum

- 2500 Rebate Points = £2500 off a new Saab - any model

0% per annum on purchases and balance transfers fixed for five months from account opening (no fee will be charged during your five month introductory period).

The reward rate is high at 3%, which means a total of £3 back for every £100 spent.

Once you are accepted for The GM Card, and use it for the first time, 100 Rebate Points will be credited to your account.

No Annual Fee

Access your account online

You can earn additional Rebate Points, known as Partner Points, when you use your Card at GM Card Partners. These include Thomson Holiday Shops (formerly Lunn Poly), Vauxhall Retailers and Saab Dealers. So, for every £100 spent you earn 3 Rebate Points and 3 Partner Points, totalling a £6 saving toward your next new Vauxhall/Saab.

When redeeming your Rebate Points towards the purchase of a new Vauxhall or Saab, Rebate Points from separate accounts held by two GM Cardholders at the same address can be pooled

A member of your family can benefit from your GM Card Rebate Points as long as they are not a GM Cardholder.

You can transfer your points to an eligible relative - your son, daughter, spouse, brother, sister, grandparent, niece, nephew, aunt, uncle, step-parent, step-children or in-laws.

Company car drivers can redeem up to 500 points at a time as vouchers, acceptable in high street retailers such as Debenhams, B&Q, Next, Thomson Holiday Shops, Travel Inns and Burtons.

Rebate Points have a 4 year life span - enabling Cardholders to accumulate their Rebate Points and redeem them within the usual 4 year renewal/repurchase cycle. Once a Rebate Point reaches its fourth anniversary, it is deleted from the Cardholders account".

And then if you had been tempted by this, here WAS the link:


The GM Card

www.gmcard.co.uk affiliate program was with Trade Doubler

It's been nice promoting The GM Card, and it was sad to see the affiliate program come to an end at 208/12/16. That's why, after Issue123 of Zyra's site, the old link page was bunged up. Of course we'll continue to promote other credit cards, and maybe some day the GM Card will return to have a new affiliate program and then the shpiel will be updated on this page and we'll be good for business yet again! Money is a serious business, but still it was a source of amusement about the size of the GM Card banner on the old link page. At 1280 x 836 it was a remarkably big representation of a credit card.