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The GM Card

OLD Actual LINK page - finished 2008/12/16

(There might possibly have been COOKIES on this page, but that's a while ago)

Below this line there were some banners...

This was the old Link Page for the The GM Card which was a credit card with some special advantages to it. However, the affiliate program closed on 2008/12/16, and so the links no longer go through the the GM Card. If you'd like the web address, it's on the previous page about the GM Card. Of course the affiliate program may return at some time and we'll resume the connections, but in the meantime, there are other credit cards for you to have a look at.

It was always a source of mild amusement here about the GM Card, that they should have a banner which was 1280 x 836 showing a giant example of a GM Platinum Credit Card, at the time bigger than most people's computer screens!

Here (for educational purposes) is a copy of that image, converted to a jpg to save our bandwidth... (of course we'll remove it if they insist, as it is by rights their copyright image). Also note: The image is an EXAMPLE and not a real credit card and doesn't contain anyone's actual personal details. More about personal ID security here, and also beware of bank hoax emails as they are NOT from the bank!
GM Card in its LARGE form