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Jubilee USA

Jubilee American is a company who can help if 1. You are in debt, and 2. You live in the USA. So, quite a lot of us can be helped by Jubilee American. If that includes YOU, and if you would like to uphold your rights to financial freedom, this might be for you, so read on...

In the words of Jubilee American themselves "For over seven years, Jubilee has worked on behalf of their clients to drastically reduce debts, eliminate interest, late fees, and stop creditor harassment. Are you having difficulty paying your bills? Or perhaps you have come to the unfortunate realization that "non-profit" credit counseling programs actually work for the benefit of the creditors themselves. It may be the perfect time to regain control of your finances and embark upon a debt free life!

Jubilee American Financial can eliminate your debts. We are a company dedicated to our client's rights to financial freedom through our negotiation and settlement process. Our first objective is to learn if our "Freedom Plan" is right for you. Our clients realize that the elimination of debt is the first step towards wealth and prosperity. Years of minimum payments towards debt often result in simply breaking even. Many debtors do not realize that years of hard work often does nothing more than pay interest on the debt. For our clients, relief begins immediately, and a debt free life begins in one to four years.

Through our unique negotiation and settlement procedure, we greatly reduce the amount of unsecured debt, as well as lowering your monthly payments. We do not simply reduce your interest rates and monthly payments. Jubilee American Financial reduces the total debt by 40% - 60%. We work on behalf of our clients, rather than the benefit of the creditors. Follow the advice that financial planning experts have been giving for years: The elimination of debt is the first step towards the creation of wealth.

We encourage you to learn more about Jubilee through our website. Our debt counselors will be happy to help you take the first step towards a debt free life. Our program is much more than financial freedom…we give you a peace of mind that every American wants…and deserves.

By registering, for a free debt consultation you are taking the first important step toward financial freedom. As a member, you'll enjoy these benefits:


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Jubilee American would like to point out that they are not affiliated with Jubilee Financial Services in Downey, California.