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Goldfish Credit Card
Goldfish the Credit Card - Goldfish looks good

(Goldfish Card featured at Zyra's affiliate website)

You can apply for a Goldfish Card here. The Goldfish Credit Card earns points for pounds spent. The more points you earn, the more money you save. There's no annual fee, and the terms (at the time of publishing (2003/07)) were:Goldfish

17.9% APR on transactions (variable)
4.9% interest rate on balances transferred from other cards for 6 months from account opening which will revert to an APR of 17.9% (variable) afterwards
Up to 52 days interest-free credit
Customer Services - open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Goldfish Card is welcome worldwide wherever you see the MasterCard or Visa signs. Instant cash worldwide at over 400,000 cash machines and banks.

You can collect Goldfish Points when you have the Goldfish Credit Card with the Goldfish Points Programme option. Every pound you spend on your Goldfish card (whether you're online or in the high street) earns you a Goldfish Point.

You can redeem the points you've earned towards vouchers for shopping at a variety of stores including John Lewis, Marks and Spencer, Boots, Dixons, Asda, Homebase and WH Smith. Goldfish Points can also save you money off your TV Licence, AA Membership and your British Gas electricity and gas bills.

At Goldfish they say "Whatever the future may hold, we'll look after you and your Goldfish... - If accident, illness or redundancy means you're unable to work, Goldfish Payment Protection Insurance will help ease any worries about card repayments".

There is a choice of 5 Goldfish card designs. When you come to apply, you can select any of the attractive card designs. There are five MasterCards and two Visa card designs to choose from.

There's also an option where your Goldfish Card can also double as an NHS Organ Donor card!Goldfish

To apply for a Goldfish Credit Card, here's the link:

Goldfish logo

This is Where the Link was!

http://www.goldfish.com/creditcards affiliate program () temporarily gone and bunged up, but hopefully to return at some time soon. Meanwhile, other credit cards are available.

News: October 2004 statement: "Goldfish today announced the addition of two new partners to its popular customer loyalty programme, Goldfish Points, as well as a new and exclusive offer further improving the line-up of rewards on offer to its customers through the scheme.

From 1 October, 2004, high street retailer Argos and its online sister company Argos online will join the Goldfish rewards programme.  Customers will be able to redeem Goldfish points for vouchers to spend at Argos or fixed discounts on products purchased through Argos online.  The addition of the new partners will offer customers access to discounts on an enormous range of exciting products from both retailers.

Goldfish Credit CardAdditionally, Goldfish has also negotiated an exclusive deal for its customers with ‘Ideal’ which offers a range of products and services, including home energy, designed to bring down the cost of everyday household bills.  Ideal offers £25 to any Goldfish customer who signs-up before 31st October, 2004.  Customers who join Ideal can save money compared to their current gas, electricity, telephone and Internet suppliers whilst benefiting from just one convenient, monthly bill.

The arrival of these new partners and offers is in direct response to a recent survey amongst Goldfish customers which canvassed them on their views of the scheme.  One of the most commonly cited requests was to bring Argos onboard and Goldfish is delighted to be able to bring its customers more of the rewards they want.

Commenting on the announcements, Carol Lane, Head of Goldfish Loyalty Programme Development, said, Argos.co.uk“We indicated earlier in the year our intention to speak to our customers about what they wanted from their programme. As a result, we’ve been able to bring Argos and Argos online onboard and they join us at an exciting time.  We have continued to update the Goldfish Points Programme since it broke the credit card mould at launch over 8 years ago and the rewards we offer today reflect our customers’ preferences and offer them more and more exciting ways to reward themselves.”

GoldfishAs with previous customer feedback, the survey further highlighted that Goldfish customers prefer more lifestyle focused rewards.  As such, Goldfish also announced today that Goldfish Points will no longer be redeemable for discounts with British Gas or TV licensing.

Argos – Goldfish customers can redeem 1500 Goldfish points for a £10 voucher to spend in Argos.

Argos online – Goldfish customers can exchange Goldfish points for discounts on products purchased via Argos online.

Goldfish customers earn one Goldfish point for every £1 spent on their Goldfish credit card.

Other credit cards are available

Update 2008/04: We will consider joining the new Goldfish Credit Card affiliate program at CJ, and then this page can be amended, but it's essential that freedom of speech be allowed, not forbidden. We know The FSA are OK about this. Let's see if Goldfish can remember that fact.