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WH Smith.co.uk

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WH Smith is a well-known highstreet bookshop in the UK, famous for books, but also a place where you can get pens, music CDs, globes of the world, movies on DVD and Blu-ray, newspapers, pencil sharpeners and other handy bits and pieces of office desk equipment which aren't easy to find. In fact, W H Smith was the only place I found that sells green ballpoint pens! Well done to WHS for keeping a good range in stock!

You see WH Smith in airports as well as in the main shopping centres of most British towns. That's because of lot of good reading is done while up in the sky.

There are some notable WH Smith outlets in some railway stations, giving passengers the opportunity to get provisions for the journey. As well as some absorbing reading, there's also chocolate, which is sometimes better priced than at the supermarkets.W H Smith

In the words of WH Smith: "WHSmith - one of the UK's leading retail groups. With a fantastic range of Books, CDs, DVDs, Stationery and more. WHSmith aims to be Britain's most popular bookseller, stationer and newsagent".

Books is the main line, and I invite you to examine the website of W H Smith and explore around the books yourself. Now that the Internet is the way things are going, you can buy online, and get a variety of wonders delivered to you.

If you've been tempted by this, here's the link:

Link here to go to WH Smith.co.uk

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Amusing point about spelling: WH Smith are stationers, and they sell stationery. Whereas in their quoted material it used to read as "stationary", the only thing about WH Smith that's stationary at the railway stations is the fact that they are not in motion.

Also, globes of the world may or may not have a pencil sharpener included