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GoldfishGoldfish personal loans UK should be available from Goldfish Bank, featured here. Here's what Goldfish say, in their own words: "Goldfish have entered the personal loan market with a very competitive and consumer friendly personal loan. Loan rates are fixed for the term of the loan, and are not based on personal circumstances. Typical APR is 7.7%. The loans provide flexibility, and feature no early repayment fees, a major differentiation in a busy market. Loans are unsecured and range from £2,000 - £20,000 (Terms and Conditions for loan applicants are on the website). Application online is simple and quick. Goldfish will be investing significantly in promoting personal loans this year (2003), with a mix of activity that is certain to drive both awareness and online demand for their outstanding loan product".

You are invited to apply for a Goldfish online personal loan right here...


The http://www.goldfish.com affiliate program () has been removed from the network at the affiliate company. We look forward to its return. In the meantime, it's bunged up, and other LOANS are available.

Special note 2004: Don't over-feed Goldfish! This page advertising Goldfish Loans has become so popular that the Goldfish company have requested that we reduce the number of applications. So, to that effect, it shall be mentioned "other loans company offers are available".

Update 2008/04: We will consider joining the new Goldfish Credit Card affiliate program at CJ, and then this page can be amended, but it's essential that freedom of speech be allowed, not forbidden. We know The FSA are OK about this. Let's see if Goldfish can remember that fact.