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Clearly Business

"Clearlystart-up is a unique new CD-ROM designed to guide entrepreneurs and small businesses through critical aspects of starting and running their own businesses.Clearly Business Free CD Rom The CD-ROM concentrates on four important business areas: Finance, Planning, Operations and Marketing. The product contains a full business planning software application, professional presentations, videos, interactive guides and answers to the most frequently asked business questions. Each area also contains articles, tools and checklists, and a directory of important contacts. Clearlystart-up draws on the wealth of experience that Barclays and Clearlybusiness, have gained over years of working with small businesses and start-ups".

Now, unfortunately the affiliate link here has expired, so it'll be suspended and the page bunged up and preserved in the hopes that the affiliate program will be resumed or a new affiliate program set up. Of course, you can still type in the address which happens to be http://www.clearlybusiness.com/

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