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Saxo Bank

If you have some spare cash, that you can afford to lose, why not try dabbling in investments. Visit the Saxo Bank online trading platform.

Saxo Bank:

"Founded in 1992, Saxo Bank is a global investment bank specialising in online trading and investment across the international financial markets.

Saxo Bank attained their European bank status in 2001 and since that time has grown to become one of the strongest presences in online trading over the Internet.

Both private investors & institutional clients are able to trade FX (145+ Forex crosses, Options and Forwards), CFDs (CFD stock derivatives from 24 of the world’s exchanges), Stocks, Futures, Options and other Derivatives via a multi-award winning online trading platform developed in-house by Saxo Bank".

If you have been tempted by this, here was the link:


Saxo Bank

http://www.saxo-online.com/ affiliate program is with Affiliate Future. Now look, let's be sensible about it. Those kind helpful people at Affiliate Future are trying to help, and somehow Saxo Bank seem to be missing the point. You can't have an affiliate program for just ONE WEEK like Ariel Automatic! By the time we had got this page put together ready to publish, and had it connected up from finance, and banks, and in similar places to that which Saxo Bank's presumed rivals TD Waterhouse were linked and doing very nicely thankyou, the affiliate program was ENDED. So, what are we supposed to do now? Link the page up with Saxo Print which is almost certainly nothing to do with it apart from some similarity in the name? We could even mention a well-known brand of table salt, but that would be SAXA Salt. Anyway, to be helpful, I recommend that Saxo Bank have a look at the page Advice to the Merchant which explains how to run an affiliate program properly. Then, hopefully, we can get the link http://scripts.affiliatefuture.com/AFClick.asp?affiliateID=558&merchantID=3803&programmeID=9699&mediaID=0&tracking=&url= back up again and start the slow build up to success over a period of many months which is typical of a successful affiliate program. Meanwhile, customers wishing to visit Saxo Bank and examine the services which they provide, may type in the web address which is given at the beginning of this paragraph for public information.

There is a little bit of news about this. Apparently it seems to be a shocking mix-up between Saxo Bank's agency, 77 Agency, and Affiliate Future. We'll not ask the details. However, I am assured that the mistake of sending "we're cancelling your affiliation" messages is not to be taken personally, and they have in fact rejected ALL affiliates who have recently applied to Saxo Bank. Still, it is poor PR, and it's easy to take it personally if you didn't know this.

I hope 77 Agency have a read of the page Advice to the Merchant and have a look at some of the other interesting pages at this site. Affiliate marketing is something for the long term view, and if you notice TD Waterhouse have a nice page which has been on this affiliate website for quite a long while. You are reading this page at Zyra's website www.zyra.org.uk which has been in business for many years and which successfully promotes many famous shops as well as a much larger number of less well known places. We are good for business, so come on, let's get this sorted out and get Saxo Bank back on this page being promoted in the long term!