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IFCL: Independent Finance Corporation Limited

Independent Finance Corporation Limited (IFCL) was featured at this site a long while ago and although the IFCL brand is no longer current (2007), the company is still well and truly ALIVE in the form of DebtBuster Loans and Central Capital Loans in 2007. We're keen to continue to be good for business for DebtBuster Loans and Central Capital Loans and you are welcome to visit their pages.

This page (www.zyra.org.uk/ifcl.htm) was an interesting place in history for doing well, so we'd like to keep it because it's lucky. On the early editions it used to sayCentral Capital Loans "IFCL is the largest on-line finance broker providing loans in the UK. IFCL is a part of the Central Trust PLC group that has been recognised by the Independent on Sunday newspaper as one of the fastest growing companies in the UK. In the words of IFCL themselves:DebtBuster Loans "Because we are a totally independent company and not tied to any bank, each customer gets real choice, real value and real peace of mind" and they also say "Cut your monthly bills by up to 66%... You can clear all your existing credit cards, loans and other debts and replace them all with one low cost cheaper monthly payment. Trouble making ends meet? Bills out of control? Want professional help? As the largest finance broker operating in the UK we have access to every type of loan imaginable, many of which are exclusive to us. We will search the market on your behalf and find a loan that is right for you"."Central Capital Loans

This is the famous IFCL page at Zyra's website. For years this page has done very well and has helped a lot of people and brought a lot of business to the company formerly IFCL. For a while it was Number1 on some searches purely out of merit. So, the page remains! You might be interested to know that IFCLDebtBuster Loans (Independent Finance Corporation Limited) later became Central Capital Loans and Debt Buster Loans, and are still around (2007), still with the same kind of idea of helping people to get out of debt by means of an alternative consolidation loan. The THUMBS UP sign and the motto "Let's sort it out!" are also characteristic of DebtBuster Loans. Have a look and see what you think...

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