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Halifax Unsecured Loans

If you need to take out a loan, it's best to take one out with a name you can trust. The Halifax ("always giving you extra") is of that ilk, and has been promoted at Zyra's website with confidence. Halifax Unsecured Loans has been on this dedicated page for some time, and we hope the affiliate program is resumed at some time so we can continue to be mutually good for business.

In the words of Halifax themselves: "Halifax personal loans: Are you thinking of buying a new car, making some home improvements, or looking to simplify your payments into a manageable monthly payment? If so, the Halifax Personal Loan could be just what you are looking for. Apply online to benefit from a great rate - exclusively available to online customers".

There were more details at the time, but as these things change it's best to check again at the time you're taking out a loan.

However if you are looking for a loan, you may have a look at these other companies who offer Loans - not that there are many of them anymore!

(with any loans, mortgages, or other money borrowing arrangements, you should be careful, as you will be expected to pay the money back sometime. It may seem obvious to point this out, but we feel it's right, and also the FSA like to make sure these things are promoted in a fair and reasonable manner).

We're happy to promote The Halifax here and can still show you pages about Halifax Car Insurance and Halifax Home Insurance, as well as other offers by The Halifax, and other finance and loans by other companies featured at this site.


http://loansdetails.co.uk and http://halifax.co.uk/loans affiliate program was with OMG UK for a short while. We hope they will run a longer campaign in the future. In the meantime, please look at other loan providers at this site.

Let's be reasonable about this. This is a nice page at Zyra's website where The Halifax gets a positive extra promotional link to Halifax Car Insurance and Halifax Home Insurance. We have already helpfully updated the pages which talked about previous Halifax things such as Halifax Pet Insurance and Halifax Mortgages, plus we have amended the Halifax Home Insurance page to maintain friendly relationships between this independent affiliate website and The Halifax. There is nothing wrong with anything being said on any of these pages, and the FSA are quite happy about it.

(Do a REFRESH to make sure you are seeing the current images at this site as they may have been cached).

We are in diplomatic discussion with those friendly people at Vizeum and the Halifax, and it is hoped that a solution is found by which everyone will be happy. Affiliates are good for business, and even if they put some honest critique online, no-one's going to blame the bank!

I would be happy to get a reasonable and well thought-out solution to this current misunderstanding with the Halifax, after which they'd be welcomed back at this site, hopefully with their original images, although that is not a requirement.

Meanwhile, customers are welcome to visit other Finance companies, and other Insurance companies

Also see Shopping and Famous Names. This is a serious business and is mutually good for business for a great many well known companies and even more who are less well known. People are fond of Zyra's website as they can see honest opinion in preference to just salestalk. Plus, there is no PPC here!