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Citibank International

US Dollar accounts and Euro accounts

Beware! Citibank have behaved unfairly and so now this page stands as a warning. The rest of the shpiel on this page is now largely historical. First, the merchant info, and then the story of what happened, and a warning to other affiliates

If you live in the UK but you have a global lifestyle, you may be interested to know that Citibank is a place where you can get bank accounts with Visa debit cards in Euros and US Dollars. Citibank is welcomed back to this site.

"Citibank International offers a wide range of foreign currency accounts with the functionality to match"

Citibank International Foreign Currency Accounts have the following attributes:Citibank

Citibank Global Transfers

As they explain concisely at Citibank, How it works: "Simply open a Euro or a Dollar current account and transfer your spending money into that account. If you fund your account in a currency other than the one of your account these funds will be converted into the currency of the account, using Citibank reference exchange rates. You can then withdraw Euros and Dollars or spend them using your Visa Citibank Debit Card when overseas".

Spend easy, spend less

Fee-free purchases abroad in US Dollars or Euros with your Citi Visa debit card (Free debit card transactions only apply to US Dollar or Euro denominated transactions carried out in a country where that is the local currency using a debit card linked to a corresponding US Dollar or Euro Current Account. UK residents only).

Transaction fee-free cash withdrawals from Citi cash machines abroad in the currency of your account (Citi ATMs are located in selected countries only. View a full list of the location of Citi ATMs worldwide. Fees may apply at non-Citibank ATMs and for withdrawals where the currency withdrawn does not correspond to the currency of the account or is not the local currency of the country in which the withdrawal takes place. Citibank exchange rates apply to transactions across currencies).

Also, the following benefits are to be found with a Citibank International Currency account:

Giving you the international advantage

Citibank"With no foreign currency commission charges for overseas purchases when you are in a country of the same currency as your account, you could make substantial savings. Note: You may be offered a choice of payment currencies when making purchases or withdrawals. If you do this, the payment will be charged to your account in your chosen currency (and we will only receive details of the amount in that currency). The exchange rates in this case are set by merchants and ATM operators and not by Citibank. Please note that if your chosen currency is different from the currency of your Account, we will convert this amount using the process outlined above. Credit and debit card providers can charge up to a 2.99% transaction fee for each transaction or withdrawal made outside of the UK. If you're someone who travels frequently, all those charges can soon add up".

Well Done to Citibank for saving you having to pay such charges!

Trouble-free travels

"Not only will you get the added convenience of not having to buy travellers' cheques and exchange currency before and after you travel, but you'll also get the ease and simplicity of spending overseas just as if you were at home (Note: Daily withdrawal limits may apply and may differ to the UK). You will be able to make ATM cash withdrawals and debit card purchases, just as you would in the UK without added foreign transaction fees and fluctuating exchange rates".

Safer shopping online

"Register for secure online code, our free card protection service and protect your card against unauthorised transactions when shopping online at participating retailers.

Citibank's reference exchange rates apply to transfers and transactions across currencies".

Exchange rates between currencies vary, so it's best to ask before making a transfer to make sure you are getting value.

Easy to set up, fund and use

"To open an account simply select 'apply now'. Applying is easy and once your account is open, getting started is simple too. You can add funds to your account by transferring money from UK accounts.

That's it, and then the next time you travel, there won't be any need to change.

Before you apply please read the General Terms and Conditions and Rates and Charges Information and also the Account Specific Terms and Conditions for the Euro Current Account and US Dollar Account. apply now"

If you have been tempted by this, here was the link:

.The Link Was Here To Go To The Place!

http://www.citibank.co.uk/personal/banking/international/eurocurrent.htm?merchant=citi affiliate program is with Commission Junction. The link was http://www.tkqlhce.com/click-779027-10895001 but has now gone and this page has had to be bunged up.

Affiliates beware! Citibank have not been fair, and in the public interest I'm now going to tell you what happened:

On 23rd May 2011, Citibank invited me to join their affiliate program.

I accepted and then I created this page. This represents a considerable amount of expense, as other pages have been rearranged to connect things up differently from the way they were.

On 31st May, Citibank terminated the affiliate agreement without even seeing the page.

I asked them to reconsider, but nothing happened, and in the meantime Citibank were gaining the benefit of this page without paying commission. This went on for some considerable time.

On 21st July 2011 confirmation was received that Citibank were not going to have the affiliate links back up here.

Here's some of the correspondence:

The original Invitation from Citibank:

Citibank International launches on Commission Junction

Hi ,

I trust you are well?

Quick introduction – I manage Citibank International affiliate program at Commission Junction.

Commission Junction are pleased to inform you that Citibank International have launched exclusively on our network.

Below I have provided information concerning the Citibank International affiliate program:-

Citibank International offers a wide range of foreign currency accounts with the functionality to match.

By joining the Citibank International affiliate marketing programme you can expect:

* A competitive CPA of £43 for each accepted opened account.
* A 3 days cookie period.
* A dedicated performance marketing team to support your every need.
* A number of creatives and text links available for you to choose from

I have sent you an offer to work on this program, so please accept this offer at your earliest convenience in order to get your links up and start earning commission!

Please see below a tracking link for you to grab and start promoting Citibank International! Insert your PID below where indicated:- [link]

The sooner you join, the sooner you can start making money!

If you require any additional information concerning this program or need any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards,

The expulsion (only a week later):

From Citi International Currency
Subject Affiliation Terminated
Date 31-May-2011
Message Body

Dear Zyra,

We regret to inform you that the Commission Junction advertiser Citi International Currency has chosen to expire its affiliation with you effective 7-Jun-2011.

If you would like to locate another advertiser in the network to partner with, login to your Account Manager (http://www.cj.com/login.jsp) and visit the Get Links tab.

Best Regards,

Client Services
Commission Junction

Time went by. Citibank had business sent from this page. However, the affiliate was not paid, and Citibank took their time.

My summary (sent 22nd July):

As you can see, I was personally invited by Citibank on 23rd May this year, to join their affiliate program.

I graciously accepted their kind offer, and I went to considerable effort to create a nice dedicated page for them which is at www.zyra.org.uk/citibank-international.htm

Having been invited by Citibank, and with the page not yet online, I was quite surprised when Citibank expelled me from the affiliate program on 31st May.

This made Citibank look about as professional as the sort of badly brought-up child who rings someone's doorbell and then runs away.

However, it could have been a mistake, so the page was put online anyway and time went by while Citibank were allowed to reconsider their position.

During this time, Citibank benefited from business brought to them via this site. They had in effect got me working for nothing.

On 21st July I heard Citibank are serious in their dismissal of the affiliate. Up to that point I could give them the benefit of the doubt.

The thing is, I don't generally have a company hanged from a high yardarm unless I can be sure they have done something really bad, and, what's more, they are unapologetic about it. Here even the worst of offenders get the chance to be contrite, and if they repent they may be forgiven.

However, Citibank have failed to do this, and so now it does appear that preparations for their hoisting are to begin.

...That is, unless you can suggest any redemption which Citibank might earn. I'm willing to listen.

I would far rather promote positively a company than I would nobble them and watch their share price start to collapse on the stock exchange.

Kind Regards,



The confirmation:

Hi Zyra,

Hope you are well?

We spoke on the phone yesterday regarding Citibank.

Like I mentioned, I had a chat with them late in the evening and asked if they were happy to get you back on the programme.

Unfortunately, their response was no, as they are currently working with a closed group of publishers and not accepting any new affiliates on the programme.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused and thanks for your understanding.

.The thing is, I would have expected better of a well-known bank such as Citibank. I hasten to add, our friends at Commission Junction have done what they can to help, and it's not their fault that Citibank misbehaves in this way.

How can we ever trust Citibank again now this has happened? There is no confidence in them, no reliability. They sent out an invitation. It was accepted. Then a week later they chucked it all up in the air. They've wasted our time.

We have no evidence to suggest they behave that way with people's money, but what if they did? They could offer you a bank account, and then you accept and rearrange your finances, and then they could just void it all and leave you stranded.

Well I do have an International Lifestyle, and I'm emigrating to Panama. I'm setting up my offshore bank accounts, but funnily enough they are not very likely to be with Citibank. Why would that be? Could it be perhaps that trust and reliability are important in the financial business?! If Citibank would like to write to me, they can do so [here]

Update 2012/06: I have now emigrated to Panama as a tax exile. I recommend Barclays Wealth as an offshore bank account!