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Finance company who you might like to be in cahoots with!

Cahoot is a finance company with a difference, with the suggestion being that if you have Cahoot then you have a definite advantage. The early advertising showed a gambler exclaim "The kid's got Cahoot!" with dismay, and all the gamblers had to throw their cards in, as clearly having Cahoot was an unbeatable thing to have, probably better than a straight flush or a set of aces. So what's so different about Cahoot, and has it got anything to do with the old expression "to be in cahoots with..." etc? (meaning to be in mutual league with, or to be in some clandestine arrangement with). Well that's for you to find out, and you can have a look at the Cahoot Credit Card (which last time I looked had the extra feature of paying interest on positive balances), the Cahoot Current Account (which is a bank account), Cahoot Savings Account (which is for looking after money you've saved and getting interest on it), and the Cahoot Flexible Loan and the Cahoot Fixed Rate Loan which are ways of borrowing money in some advantageous way. In the words of Cahoot: "After extensive research, banks have discovered that savers are really interested in great rates. Blimey."

If you have been tempted by any of this, here's the link:

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If you receive an email message saying Dear Cahoot Customer, it's almost certainly a fake, as per the Cahoot Bank Message