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Barclaycard Business

Welcome to Barclaycard Business at Zyra. If you need a credit card for your business, then have a glance at the information below and visit their site to see what's on offer.

Barclaycard Business.

Our history:

Barclaycard BusinessIn 1966 a separate business unit was established by Barclays Bank plc and entered the payments market by signing up 30,000 retailers for the launch of Barclaycard. The service enabled business customers to accept and process credit, debit and charge card transactions.

Barclaycard BusinessIn 1969, another business unit was established, to develop and provide card-based financial services to corporate clients, allowing simple, cost-effective management of general business expenditure and releasing staff from expenses paperwork.

These two business units have now merged to become Barclaycard Business, VISA's largest European commercial card issuer, providing processing services for over a third of UK retailers in 2003.Barclaycard Business

Barclaycard Business is backed by the resources and financial experience of Barclays Bank, one of the world's premier financial institutions and Europe's largest issuer of charge, credit and debit cards - and you don't even have to bank with Barclays to benefit.Barclaycard Business

Barclaycard Business gives you a choice of cards and fees to suit the needs of your business. With Barclaycard Business you can use it to pay for any business expenditure, including petrol, office supplies, hotel and travel tickets.

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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Barclaycard Business

www.barclaycardbusiness.co.uk affiliate program was with OMG UK. Peculiar though it sounds this program has finished due to its budget being used up! (Embarrassing, this capped affiliate program idea, and having a nice page like this bunged up for no good reason). Therefore, please visit our Credit Cards page for alternatives. Good news! Some of the other Barclaycards are back! ...Or at least they were! The web address is published as a matter of public interest, and you are welcome to visit the web address as mentioned by copy&paste if you like! What would be even better is if the affiliate program were to be resurrected!

This page was created to promote Barclaycard Business, the credit card from Barclays Bank. Here at Zyra's affiliate website, we like to promote good reliable merchants, and it is always sad when an affiliate program is found to be short-term, intermittent, or temporary. The pages are built to last. The good news is that Barclays Bank continues to have affiliate programs, and starting from Issue155, Barclays Offshore Accounts are promoted. This is especially positive, as there is in effect a customer testimonial for the offshore business, by the expat affiliate who runs this site!

Trademarks are respected, and the Barclays trademarks on this page are of course trademarks of Barclays™ , and it's considered Fair Use to use Barclays' imagery on a dedicated page at a Real Content affiliate website.