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Barclaycard Breathe Card

An oxygenated credit card from Barclaycard, it's the Barclaycard Breathe card! It will even get you discounts on Public Transport.

Barclaycard Breathe Card:

"Spend on your card and Barclaycard will donate 50% of profits to environmental projects that help reduce carbon emissions. All monies invested in a variety of UK & worldwide environment projects via a credible 3rd party partner. £1m guaranteed donation in year 1.Barclaycard Breathe Card

Card is more environmentally friendly than current PVC cards, recycled paper where necessary (e.g. card carriers, PIN mailer), recycled card scheme on card reissue.

Special offers on greener spend. Amazing offers & discounts with selected retailers (currently 12 strong partners for launch covering a broad spectrum of categories). Low interest rate on most public transport e.g. rail, bus, ferry".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

The Link Was Here To Go To The Place!

http://www.barclaycard.co.uk/ affiliate program was with OMG UK. Extraordinarily, this program has closed due to its budget being used up! That's silly, having a restricted budget, on an affiliate program. See problem of capped affiliate programs. Therefore, please visit our Credit Cards page for alternatives.