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The Egg Card

This page is not about a credit card for purchasing only eggs. However, The Egg Card does allow you to purchase anything you want at a competitive rate. Please note that this page is historical, whereas there is a new page about egg card here.

The Egg Card:The Egg Card

"Information About Egg

We’re an online financial services provider, launched in 1998, with the aim of helping customers understand and manage their money more effectively.

We've been around almost six years and have established ourselves as the world's largest pure online bank - with over 3.6 million customers. In June 2000, Egg plc listed on the London Stock Exchange - Prudential plc is the largest shareholder with 79% of our shares.

Egg is the parent company of a number of companies making up the Egg group, all of which trade under the name Egg".

If you had been tempted by this, here was the link:


http://new.egg.com/eggcard affiliate program was with old BUY-AT and now it's with new BUY-AT

This page was good in parts, but now it's been completely replaced by a fresh new page, about the egg credit card here.

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