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Egg Credit Card

With Citibank, the famous Egg Card

Egg Card is a credit card with Citibank. As they say at Egg, "Egg Card is one of the most recognised and respected credit card brands on the market". As an affiliate, it's nice to be "part of the UK’s largest financial services performance marketing programme".

You may have heard of Egg (as in the Egg credit card), and here is the story of Egg Credit Card, by Egg...

Egg Credit CardA little bit about Egg

From a standing start back in 1998 (when the internet was still shiny and new), we embraced the dot com revolution and came out the other side a successful online bank. Not only were we the world’s first purely online bank, we’ve since launched award-winning products and we strongly believe we have changed the way people do their banking and think about their money.

A bit about Egg Card

Egg Card is more than just a bit of pretty plastic. Yes, it is pretty and it is plastic, but it also comes cram-packed with benefits. Benefits like exclusive access to the Egg Cash Back Store where customers can earn cash back from over 1,500 well-known retailers, insurances to protect the things they buy and 0% offers on balance transfers and purchases. Customers can apply online in minutes and get a decision in seconds".

UK OnlyPlease bear in mind that it is a credit card and you will be expected to pay back any money which you have on loan from Egg, plus whatever the interest rate is at the time. You are trusted to have good sense in your finances. Also, Egg Card is available to UK residents only.

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

The Link Was Here To Go To Egg Card!

Egg Card - it's Plastic Fantastic!

http://new.egg.com/visitor/0,,3_84106--View_1763,00.html affiliate program is with CJ

Sad as it may seem, the Egg Card affiliate program has gone and this page has been bunged up. They'd better get cracking and have a new affiliate program! Other credit card companies have!

Egg Credit CardIn case you're wondering whether Mrs Claire Blythe minds if her Egg Card is displayed on a website and whether the credit number 4000 0001 2345 6789 is at some risk of being snaffled by rogues, please try not to worry; It is a sample card provided for test purposes by Citibank/Egg, and they will have thought of this. I would be very surprised if anyone would get away with buying anything with such a test (credit) card. It's like those easter eggs in sweet shop windows. They are not made of chocolate, as they'd melt. They are plastic eggs for demonstration purposes! For a real card, you'd need to apply and get your own, and keep the number a secret except when buying stuff.