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Brazilian Keratin

Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment

bkt direct

Stop all of that curl and frizz with Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment from bkt direct. Don't pay expensive salon prices, you can do it home yourself and save a whole wad of dollars!

Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment:

"It's the hottest and latest trend that has consumers running to their salons and stylists! Women everywhere are paying $300 - $600 for the in-salon treatment and the beauty world is buzzing about Brazilian Keratin Straightening Treatments.

From Elle to Vogue, InStyle to Better Homes, to Hollywood celebrities, you can’t pick up a magazine today without reading about this new revolution in hair care.

Brazilian Keratin Therapy by BKT Direct infuses locks with hydrolyzed keratin proteins to banish 90% of curl and frizz by infusing tresses with pure, hydrolyzed keratin proteins. Human hair is made up of keratin.

Brazilian Keratin Therapy uses the heat from a flat iron to infuse each strand with liquid form of hydrolyzed keratin protein to seal split ends, strengthen and temporally release curl, wave and frizz. One treatment lasts up to 90 glorious frizz-free days.*

The result is healthy looking, kink and curl free hair that is polished, shiny and strengthened. Let it air-dry or be obsessed with how fast you can achieve the perfect blow out.

This collection of revolutionary treatments is all the rage for their miraculous ability to relax and de-frizz any hair type without the use of harsh chemicals.

Brazilian Keratin Therapy by BKT Direct is the newest, safest, at home treatment for hair straightening. You don't have to pay salon prices anymore!

Why pay $300 for a salon treatment when you can do it at home with results that ultimately change the life of your hair. The more you use it, the healthier your hair feels. We are talking revolution!

Brazilian Keratin Therapy by BKT Direct is setting the new standard for smooth hair.

*Results may vary depending on hair type. Will not permanently straighten hair".

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