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Direct Travel Insurance

Specialist insurance from Direct Travel Insurance. Both single and multi-trip cover and they'll even cover you for backpacking. Take a peek below. You can read about the company on this page or Go There Directly if you're in a rush!

Direct Travel Insurance:

"Direct Travel Insurance Services was established in late 1992 and commenced trading in 1993.

Since that time, they've become one of the UK's leading independent travel insurance specialists, having arranged insurance for over four and a half million travellers.

Direct Travel Insurance design their travel insurance policies to suit the needs of customers. They have produced a comprehensive range of products for sale via our web site.

These products include:

All their policies are underwritten by AXA Insurance UK plc, the largest travel insurer in the UK".

Update 2012: Direct Travel Insurance: "Travel Insurance is an essential part of any traveller’s trip but it doesn’t have to be an expensive addition to their holidays. That’s why Direct Travel Insurance offers affordable, award winning, travel insurance for single trip, Annual multi trip, winter sports and backpacker insurance.

Benefits of Direct Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is available for UK based applicants who are under 75 years of age. As with any insurance there are certain exclusions, including claims due to a medical condition or illness that was known about at the time of taking out your policy or booking your trip whichever is later. Cover is not provided for travel to or through Afghanistan, Cuba, Liberia and Sudan or areas where the Foreign and Commonwealth Office have advised against all but essential travel.

Direct Travel Insurance design travel insurance policies to suit the needs of customers, providing a comprehensive range of products via the web (www.direct-travel.co.uk).

All policies are underwritten by Chartis Insurance Europe Limited.

Since 1993, Direct Travel Insurance have provided insurance to over 7 million people. They offer high quality travel insurance policies at very competitive prices. They can provide cover for ski trips (from £5.18), single trip (from £2.22), annual multi trip (from £14.95) and backpacker policies (from £33.76). Their customer service is excellent too, so you can be assured that if you ever need to claim on your policy, you can do so with the minimum of fuss. As well as the usual cover requirements such as medical emergency and cancellation, Direct Travel Insurance also can provide certain extras that you may not find elsewhere, such as a telephone concierge service and access to the ‘Talking Nurses’ medical helpline. All their policies are underwritten by Chartis Insurance Europe Limited.

*An additional premium may be required for cover to apply following medical screening

**An additional premium is required for cover to apply

† Premium plus policies only"

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Direct Travel Insurance

http://www.direct-travel.co.uk affiliate program is with Affiliate Window. Sadly, Direct Travel Insurance have decided to end their affiliation with this site. But don't worry, there are plenty of other merchants at this site who offfer Travel Insurance. All you have to do is visit our Travel Insurance page - it's as simple as that!