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Reviewed at Zyra's independent website

ING DIRECT is a bank which offers a savings account with a good rate of interest. It's advertised on tv with orange signs and lifebelts and with the motto "It's Your Money We're Saving". Also, the rate of interest is the same if your saving is small or large. If you'd like to see a customer testimonial, here it is: ING DIRECT customer testimonial. That's a personal experience review by a customer who has invested quite a lot of money in ING DIRECT for some time. Meanwhile, here is(was) a helpful review about ING DIRECT, (previously)complete with a link at the end so you can visit the place and decide for yourself if you'd like to have a savings account there:

[There should now follow the advertising copy for ING DIRECT UK but someone in the marketing department (2007/02) decided they didn't like this site! Funny; the FSA seem to like this site, and plenty of bank-investing customers like this site and respect its honest opinions. So, while Zyra's website is pending eventual possible acceptance by ING DIRECT UK and some new material being added by the ING DIRECT bank themselves so we can get on with promoting them at this interesting website via the new affiliate program, I suggest you have a look at other banks and financial companies and savings accounts who are doing well here. Most companies are happy to be advertised here, and would be very happy about having a customer testimonial at this site! To see how affiliate programs really work, see Affiliate Marketing and what it can do for your company. This is the real affiliate marketing, with proper pages and genuine write-ups, not silly ppc nonsense. Any fool can buy advertising, but it takes a good company to set up good diplomatic relationships with websites. ING DIRECT UK were well-liked here and were reviewed with a customer testimonial! ING DIRECT UK are are welcome to get an affiliate arrangement set up again, preferably SOON. As soon as this is resolved, this paragraph will be replaced with a dignified paragraph supplied by the bank, and this whole page cleaned up to look more respectable]

http://www.ingdirect.co.uk affiliate program was with Trade Doubler. As with many a good TradeDoubler affiliate program, it was mucked-up by a small minority of affiliates who did some irresponsible spamlike paid-for search advertising of a type which brought the whole campaign into disreputeING DIRECT. Please note that this website has nothing to do with that and there is NO PPC HERE! This site does well because it has a lot of pages with a lot of interesting stuff all linked together and it doesn't need to pay for advertising! Anyway, the ING DIRECT UK affiliate program has now finished. We would very much like to promote them in the future. We were in negotiations with another company, and things were going quite well until a misunderstanding occurred. It's not too late to get this mended! In the meantime, please look at other Savings Accounts at this site.

This ING DIRECT savings account is worth knowing about if you live in the UK. Or, if you live in the USA, see ING DIRECT USA. ING DIRECT USA take no blame for any of this nonsense and are still advertised here with a sensible page and write-up and with their banners intact. They are probably wondering how the UK marketing side of the bank can make such a mess of the PR!

Final note by the affiliate: Whilst I acknowledge it's anyone's prerogative to miss out if they want, I feel ING DIRECT UK were being let-down by their marketing department at the time (2007/02), who could have had a great page here attracting a lot of business to their company, if they'd been a bit more open-minded! Also, I feel a bit insulted that ING DIRECT UK didn't like this site because it's not boringly the same as so many other sites, almost as if there is some type of prejudice against some kind of minority.

ING DIRECTI have removed from this site the ING DIRECT UK banners at their request, as they rightly belong to the bank and it's their right to refuse them being here. However, at the time I happened to have £435,722 invested in the bank and I am withdrawing it and investing it elsewhere. These two facts are pure coincidence, of course.

ING UK resume diplomatic relations? Correct

Customers: Until this is sorted out please see other savings accounts

It is bizarre that the bank should behave like this, really.

The ING Direct interest rate was good originally, but then it dropped with apparently no warning.