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Sofas Direct

UK Loose Cover Sofas at Factory Prices. Discounts of up to 40%. Free Home Delivery if ordered online

Comfy armchairs and settees, available online for less money than they would be in the shopsSofas because you're not having to help to pay for the running costs of the showroom. Simple, really.Sofas Discounts of up to 40%. Free Home Delivery if ordered online.

In the words of Sofas Direct: "Sofas Direct.Com Ltd was formed in 2002. We have over 10 years combined industry experience ranging from mail order, internet, marketing, logistics home delivery and furniture.Sofas Sofas Direct does not have high street retail outletsSofas nor do we fit the model of other online stores who do not offer help or support for the products that they sell, and who in effect are just 'box sellers'. Harnessing the power of internet, telephony and order fulfilment technologies Sofas Direct.Com Ltd are able to offer keen pricing across our entire product range, together with a personal level of help and support typical of that traditionally offered on the high street. We consider this so called 'third way' to be the future of online retailing".SofasSofas

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


http://www.sofas-direct.com/ affiliate program was with Affiliate Window

We have a comfortable relationship with Sofas Direct and were sorry to see their affiliate program go offline. But let's hope they come back soon! In the meantime, there are other furniture providers at the Furniture page.