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Link Your News

In their own words: "LinkYourNews is a powerful web-based application that allows anyone to add fresh, dynamic news headlines to their site or to receive personalised news based emails. It's simple, free, and easy to customise content, look and feel. Users can choose headlines in any subject they choose, pulling headlines from almost 1000 content providers from 13 different countries. THE best source of dynamic news content available on the web, active in 12 European countries and of course in the United States! LinkYourNews supplies the freshest news, from the most and highest quality news sources. It's completely FREE, and people love it. They get new headlines in any subject they wish appearing constantly on their site or emailbox, integrated seamlessly."

News: 2004: That sounds like a good idea, but I'm not sure where the affiliate program has gone since they left Commission Junction. If you know, please e-mail. In the meantime, there's still the helpful info that that website was at http://www.linkyournews.com and probably is still there if you type in the URL. Also, see news and papers

www.linkyournews.com affiliate program was with Commission Junction but has now been bunged up