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The Alternative Page of Temporary Searchables

This (alternative) page of temporary searchables also helps to connect pages together in advance of the new issues of the site. Sometimes a new page is published mid-issue and it would be nice if it was ACTUALLY FOUND when you look for it, so when it's been uploaded to the server, we also add a new href on this page of Temporary Searchables so that our friendly searchable finding online mateys can detect it, find it, and can add its location to the databases of stuff which are accessed when people are trying to find things they are looking for. There are a great many other pages on this site to choose from on this page: SITE INDEX

Here are a few pages on a variety of sites I would like to be included:

Stamp Demon

Lucky black cat with a magnet in it


Make Me Laugh

It has come to our attention that some articles are missing even when they SHOULD be there. Why is this I wonder? Mysterious disappearance? Censorship? Let's hope such issues are all sorted out SOON!

This new version like the famous page of temporary searchables also links to NASA and The BBC

Update: The problems of Google failing to include pages properly continued to get worse. This has now got so bad that it's listed as Google Problems, with a satirical review of the stupid Google Updates

Fortunately, there are other search engines, and as Google continues to get worse, people should be moving their search allegiance away from Google.